Information to Know

Step One: Obtain an Estimate

Bring in, Fax, or Email -- a layout of the cabinets or rough drawing of the tops with measurements.

Provide Contact Information -- location of the job, telephone number, email address if available, and job name.

We will use the layout to calculate the total square footage. Estimates are based off of square footage, material chosen, and location of the job. After the estimate is created it will be provided to the customer via email, fax, or hand given.

Step Two: Accept the Estimate

Sign and return the estimate and we will place you on our schedule for template and installation.

Step Three: Choose Your Material

When choosing material it helps to bring the following:

A Cabinet Door Sample

Paint and Fabric Samples

Inspiration Photos

And Other Items that may be incorporated in the project

Picking out a specific material will allow us to provide you a more accurate estimate. When picking material, we always encourage the customer to view the slab in person before we proceed with fabrication.

Step Four: Choose your Edging, Sink, and Faucet

We have eight standard edgings to choose from. In addition to our standard edgings, we offer a few upgraded choices. We sell several different sinks and faucets. Visit the following websites to view sinks, faucets, and more.

Step Five: Provide Stove Information

We will need to know the stove brand and model number if you are using a cook top or a slide in range.

Step Six: Decide on Backsplash

We offer a 4’’ standard height backsplash out of the same material you chose for the countertops.

Step Six: Template

Once you are on our schedule, we will send someone out to take measurements. This template is based off of your cabinets. You do not have to have the old tops removed at this time. If you are constructing a new house, the cabinets have to be completely set.

Step Seven: Tear Out

If there are old tops, you will need to have them removed. We do tear out of old tops for additional cost. If you have us remove the old countertops, you need to have a water shutoff, a gas valve shutoff, and a breaker shutoff.

Step Eight: Installation

After template has been done, we will begin fabrication. We will install your new countertops and mount the sink.

Please waithours to have the plumbing hooked up.

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